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#15in15 Commitment 3: The Lowest Hanging Lightbulbs

#15in15 Commitment 3: The Lowest Hanging Lightbulbs

Jaya Chakrabarti

Jaya Chakrabarti MBE

Vice President – Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative

Jaya talks energy efficient lightbulbs in her third commitment to Do 15 during Bristol 2015


Following on from our Warm-Up Bristol assessment, we had a light-bulb moment.

Our new home was filled with several different types of light bulb including a 20 bulb monstrosity on the landing that must have required two power stations to keep it going. Each room had a different set of fittings and it wasn’t easy to find out what we should replace them with, but inspired by the saving we might make over 3 years we did an audit.


We ordered the easier LED bulbs, and for those that required replacement transformers we had an electrician come round to make them compatible.


Once fitted our evening usage of electricity plummeted. We had a simple electricity monitor which showed us exactly how much we were using and it gave us a nice warm (low cost) glow thinking about all the cash we were going to save. Over 250 quid within three years in fact. That’s a lot of wine. The old bulbs went in the shed. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with them, but I guess they’ll do for a dark and cloudy day if we’re ever caught short. But we’re well stocked on the spare LED bulbs so perhaps they’ll just gather dust instead.

We’ve also done an audit at the office too (our electricity bills are shocking!!). It’s slightly more challenging because we need to change the fittings for LED tube lights but we’re getting quotes in to make the shift. More recently, Bristol City Council has launched their own energy company, Bristol Energy. I’m really hoping that if many of us sign up, we’ll not only see even cheaper electricity bills but also more investment in what the city really needs to help address fuel poverty for our most vulnerable citizens.
That was easy. Bring on the next one.
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