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#15in15 commitment 4: heating the office…

#15in15 commitment 4: heating the office…

Jaya Chakrabarti

Jaya Chakrabarti MBE

Vice President – Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative

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Clearly a no-brainer but boosted by a British Gas funding scheme that enabled us to get the free installation of an air source heat pump. We were measured up and in November it was fitted within a day of drilling and dust. As part of the deal there’s a box on our wall measuring usage, and of course it still uses electricity but far more efficiently we hope.  After a month of usage I can honestly say that I’m very impressed with the constant temperature it manages to maintain, and how quiet it is for something blowing air into our offices.

We’re also doing the analysis ourselves to see if it works on other floors in our building so have invested in three cheap electricity monitors to see which floors are the most hungry. We’ll report back once we’ve got some stats.

The analysis of the entire office by the British Gas folks also highlighted that there might be a way to use more efficient storage heaters for the rest of the building, which we’ll probably do floor by floor in the new year.

Looking at the rest of the building, it seems a bit nuts that as a digital agency we spend a fair amount of electricity cooling our server room and yet a significant amount more heating the rest of the building. There are some trying to do something about this disconnect with eRadiators, but with the explosion of investment in cloud infrastructure it’s not THE solution. Still, I think it’s a rather elegant solution in the making. Perhaps. Instead we turned up the temperature setting of the air conditioning a bit from the usual 17 degrees centigrade to something more manageable, and turned it off completely in winter (we once had a lovely systems administrator who was insistent that the temperature needed to be constantly at 17 throughout the year, but we’re not Google).

I’m also looking for volunteer knitters to create company jumpers for the team and a few extra for clients visiting. Perhaps woolly hats and mittens too…



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