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91 Ways to Build a Global City

91 Ways to Build a Global City

Our city is made up of many different communities and cultures. By sharing our food with one another we start to share our common humanity, we forge greater understanding between cultures; we can make lasting connections and, I believe, build a truly united city. Kalpna Woolf, Founder, 91 Ways

Bringing all of Bristol’s Communities Together Using the Power of Food

There are 91 different languages spoken in Bristol. Our city is creative, vibrant and fastgrowing and is made up of many different communities. It is this diversity that makes Bristol such a unique and exciting place to live.

91 Ways will use the power of food to bring people together, to help them communicate better and be heard. 91 Ways will allow people to share their stories, personal food journeys, recipes, and passions, to build understanding between communities.

We also know that the choices we make about how we eat have a direct impact on our quality of life and our environment. 91 Ways wants to help people make better decisions about their food and well-being to improve the health and sustainability of our communities and our city.


The 91 Ways Programme: To harness the power of food to open debate and ensure ongoing conversations across community networks.

Through programmes 91 Ways will invite 50,000 people to talk to each other and share food and through this their own stories.

91ways_2015brochure_v5 (2)-page-004Children
Working with Bristol’s schools to connect children together from different cultures through; Science (food and nutrition), Media and Art.

peace-cafeListening Project
Provide city-wide online space for people to engage and share experience and knowledge

91ways_2015brochure_v5 (2)-page-005

91ways_2015brochure_v5 (2)-page-008

For More Information:

Take a look at 91 Ways’ website:

Follow 91 Ways on Twitter: @91Ways

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