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Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Economy, Environment, News, The West of England Initiative | 0 comments

Alec French Architects: Bristol’s Best Green Small Business

Alec French Architects: Bristol’s Best Green Small Business

Alec French Architects, members of the West of England Initiative, have been named as ‘Bristol’s Best Green Small Business’ at the Go Green 2016 Awards.

One of the main initiatives they implemented this year was to accept Bristol Pounds (£B) and change their supply chain to local, ethical alternatives. Having been paid in the currency for their project work, they decide to embrace it even further.

Bristol Pounds strengthens local businesses and the local economy, keeping equity within the region and enhancing community spirit and local networks.

Suppliers are now assessed on ethical and environmental grounds. Through switching to local companies such as Velopost and Good Energy, they have strengthened their relationships in the local business community, provided a local economic boost and cutting their carbon emissions.

So far they changed their largest, most frequent suppliers and services, and they intend to continue this good work into 2016 with the remaining smaller supplies and services.

To find out more about how you can introduce initiatives in your workplace, such as switching to locally sourced produce like Alec French Architects, visit


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