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Posted by on May 22, 2017 in Initiative Member News | 0 comments

Becoming a Second Step board member

Becoming a Second Step board member

Carrie Pooler

As a board member, I feel a sense of pride of being part of its governance, development and inspired by its commitment to meeting peoples’ needs.  The peer support approach and Golden Key initiatives are really inspiring.

I have also learnt a lot personally from being a board member – not just about mental health, organisational development, finance and governance, but also about leadership, constructive challenge, accountability and particularly working collectively.

The board has a fantastic range of understanding, knowledge and skills, with everyone bringing  their different perspectives. Our Chair is skilled in bringing out these different perspectives so that we reach deeper understanding and can offer together strong and constructive support, challenge and strategic leadership.

Our meetings usually include some humour, quite often some passion and always some debate and interesting insights.  It is invigorating, engaging and often even fun!

The Board provides a really important function.  Sometimes the responsibilities of the Board are tricky in the current climate of an ever changing and challenging environment and increased demand and complexity of issues.  However, there is good knowledge, trust, respect and a shared commitment to making the best impact and a sense of common purpose that helps us deal with difficult issues positively and collectively.  It is really rewarding to feel that this also makes a positive difference to the way people ultimately receive the support they need.


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