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Bristol Businesses Urged to Back Colston Hall Campaign

Bristol Businesses Urged to Back Colston Hall Campaign

Bristol businesses are being urged to back Colston Hall’s 45K for £45 million campaign, which needs 45,000 people to show their support via a simple online platform.
Business and employers from across the city and wider region are being urged to spread the word to colleagues, clients and friends to add momentum and help make the case for this badly needed investment into a major music, arts and cultural hub in the heart of our city. It’s completely free to do this and takes just a few seconds via the 45K for £45m website.
Bristol Music Trust launched the Thank You for the Music campaign in September 2014. Since then, a third of the money has been secured following commitments from the Government (£5m) and Bristol City Council (£10m).
But £30million in funding still needs to be raised, and this campaign is all about showing that 45,000 people actively support the project in order to help make the case for further investment from the Government, private donors and other sources.
The team at Business West – the Chamber of Commerce for Bristol and the wider area – proved that they are up for this challenge by braving the November weather to  show their support outside Leigh Court.
Business West Colston Hall

Commenting on the campaign, James Durie, Chief Executive of Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative at Business West, said:
“Colston Hall has been a cultural hub for Bristol for almost 150 years. The opening of the new foyer in 2009 was a major step but the hall now badly needs this next phase of major capital investment to transform it into one of the best arts and learning facilities in the country.
“Our cultural draw is one envied by others. We must not take this for granted, but ensure that we continue to invest in it.  We, as the business community, recognise the importance of the arts, culture & music scene and its value to our city region and to all those who live and work here. It’s no coincidence that we are the most livable city in the UK and compete increasingly on a European and international stage.
“Once completed, Colston Hall is set to boost the West of England economy by £100 million. The Hall is an iconic cultural venue that we are calling for business and others to get behind and support.
“As businesses we deal in numbers, and this should be seen as the deal of the decade. 45,000 people to help us achieve £45 million of investment in a cultural hub is a no brainer. Out of nearly half a million people in the city we need just 45,000 to pledge their support. That’s only one in ten people and there are many more across the wider city region that we also need to pledge their support.
“I guarantee that if you asked your colleagues if they wanted to see Colston Hall get a major improvement, then they would certainly agree.”
Find out more about the ambitious transformation plans at

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