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Posted by on Oct 4, 2017 in Development, Initiative Member News, News | 0 comments

Bristol digital agency goes green with new acquisition

Bristol digital agency goes green with new acquisition

LSG Creative Ltd continues its expansion with new green initiative

Bristol, UK: Bristol digital marketing agency, LSG Creative, has acquired Eco Green Hosting of Bath and welcomes on board 42 new customers to the LSG family, providing them with affordable web hosting, web design and maintenance and more. The acquisition is part of the re-branding of LSG Creative into UpUGo, an accessible SEO and digital marketing agency with affordable prices and a strong eco-friendly ethos.

Of the new acquisition, Managing Director, Luke Sartain said, “It’s very easy to forget environmental responsibility when working in a digital space because it looks like everything is in ‘the cloud’. But, servers are vital to host everything we see online and the environmental impact of this can be huge. It’s important for hosting companies and digital agencies to take responsibility for this and it is certainly something we wish to continue following the acquisition of Eco Green and further into our rebrand of LSG into UpUGo.”

LSG Creative have already adopted many environmentally friendly aspects into their daily business life including:

  • Reducing the daily commute by encouraging home working for staff
  • Encouraging staff to use public transport where possible
  • Only using hybrid or electric vehicles for company cars

The partnership with Eco Green will see:

  • The use of more environmentally friendly technologies to use 40% less energy and 50% less heat than traditional technologies
  • Using energy saving data centres
  • Planting a tree for every new server used

About LSG Creative Ltd: LSG Creative Ltd started as a web design and SEO company 4 years ago and have now grown and expanded into a full-scale digital marketing agency offering additional services including social media, email marketing, consultancy and more. To date, their key goal has been to provide the most affordable marketing services to enable all size businesses, from sole traders and start-ups, to large corporate clients, to benefit from expert services. In the past 18 months, LSG Creative has expanded rapidly and have welcomed a new Content Director, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager and, most recently, Sales Director as well as the ever-increasing global workforce. In 2018, LSG Creative will complete its rebrand to UpUGo.

About Eco Green Hosting: Eco Green hosting is an Eco-friendly company providing Web Hosting and Web Design Services to individuals and companies, which is affordable for everyone. They can manage your Web Design, Logo Design, Website maintenance, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Hosting Packages, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers.

Please read more at their website here

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