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Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Articles, News, Others | 0 comments

Bristol Pound launches new interest free credit initiative for SMEs

Bristol Pound launches new interest free credit initiative for SMEs

Since its launch back in September 2012, the Bristol Pound has gone from strength to strength, boosting the city’s economy by supporting local businesses.

Now the team behind the UK’s biggest local currency is setting up a network to help Bristol’s small businesses tackle a common barrier to growth: access to finance.

Backed by the European Commission, they have launched the Prospects Network, which offers interest free credit to small and medium sized firms in the city to help them to do business with each other.

As members of the West of England Initiative, they want to spread word of this new project to all corners of the city’s business community.

The Prospects Network provides quick interest free credit to spend with businesses in Bristol, along with the chance the find new customers by giving you access to local credit-checked customers who are looking to spend.

bristol poundAs Ciaran Mundy, Bristol Pound Chief Executive describes, it’s good for Bristol and it makes the local economy stronger, which is a win-win for the business community.

“Bristol has just been ranked as the best place in the country to start and grow a business, and the Bristol Pound is one of the reasons behind this. In the last three years we’ve seen the currency create a fairer, stronger and happier local economy. Now we want to take it up a gear.

“For many small firms in our city, access to finance is one of the hurdles in the way of long term growth. The Prospects Network provides a solution to this, offering businesses interest free credit to spend with other small and medium sized business in Bristol, boosting both sales and the economy simultaneously.”

For more information on the Prospects Network and how it can help your business, visit

Interested in using the Bristol Pound? If you are new to the currency you can learn about the benefits of using it and how to set up an account today.

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