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Bristol’s cultural diversity put on the menu

Bristol’s cultural diversity put on the menu

A pioneering project called 91 Ways to Build a Global City will be launched in Bristol on June 16th. Its aim is to use food to unite the 91 language communities of Bristol.

Food is a universal language that crosses cultural divides and brings people together. By sharing our dishes, recipes and stories we can feel more connected to our neighbours and the world at large.

Project Director, Kalpna Woolf, says: “This is a unique and ambitious project. We hope to change the landscape of Bristol by encouraging everyone to share their ideas about food. Ultimately, we want to bring different cultures, communities and generations together to create a truly connected city.
There are a number of stages to the project. Food stories are being collected from every community. Currently these include love stories – how Moh’s Persian food helped him find his Dutch wife, how families survived in warzones and how Nigerians prepare for a party.

Currently the project has recorded food memories and favourite recipes from Zulu speakers, Czech, Russian, Syrian, Moldovan, Iraqi, Parsi and Senegalese and those born and bred in Bristol. Many of these tales will be shared across all our communities as part of the project.

Furthermore, the project will signpost those participating to other projects across the city that can help them to address their food challenges – be they growing, accessing good affordable food or helping them with recipes to increase the range of foods they eat.
By collecting and sharing the knowledge and memories of the people of Bristol, 91 Ways hopes to create a modern social history of food, which will culminate in an exhibition later in the year.

To find out more about the project or to tell your story please see:

For further information, interviews or images please contact Melissa Kidd – 07855 105 865 or

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