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Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Articles, Economy, Local Government, News | 0 comments

Business reaction to the election of a new Bristol Mayor

Business reaction to the election of a new Bristol Mayor

Labour’s Marvin Rees has been elected as Mayor of Bristol, after receiving more votes than the city’s first Mayor George Ferguson in the local council elections.

He received a total of 68,750 votes compared to George Ferguson’s 39,577, and has now been officially sworn into office.

Commenting on the election of Bristol’s new Mayor, James Durie, Chief Executive of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Initiative, part of Business West, said;

“We wish to congratulate Marvin Rees on his appointment to lead our city, and are looking forward to working with him and the newly elected councillors over the next four years and beyond to make Bristol a better place to live and work for all.

“Marvin now has a strong mandate to deliver on some of the major challenges facing Bristol – from housing through to skills and transport. There is also a big opportunity for Bristol with a devolution deal ready to be signed off with central government. These are all priorities that the business community recognises as being critical to solve, as set out in our Mayoral Manifesto.

Bristol will need to work together to make sure we build more homes, and tackle the very significant skills and infrastructure needs that we face – and Marvin has been elected on a platform of bringing people from all parts of the city together. The business community is keen to play its part here.”

“As a small but global city we need to build strong healthy futures for all through a thriving economy. Bristol is recognised as one of the best place to start a new business and to live but we now need to build on that to create new opportunities and meet the challenges ahead.”

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