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Go Green

Guiding Businesses to a Sustainable Future

Go Green Events
Go Green is a new initiative, run and managed by the West of England Initiative and Low Carbon South West to join up employers of all sectors and sizes across the region that are working towards improving their own environmental and sustainability credentials.

Go Green is a tool open to every business, charity and public sector organisation wanting to make a difference to their local environment; and if you are committed to the green agenda, you will be eligible to join free of charge.

By signing up to Go Green, and then steering your business along an easy-to-follow pathway of:

This will help you to show exactly how your business is going green; be that through using sustainably sourced teas or coffee, or by hosting green workshops and creating How To Guides.

Specifically, as part of Go Green, we will be suggesting that businesses and organisations implement new measures and practices under five key Pillars:

Implementing a number of measures and practices under these headings will award you the benefits of using our branding and give you the opportunity to host events and delegations. Go Green will also inspire and challenge those who do take part to make further sustainable improvements to their business.

But don’t worry if you can’t think of any measures under these headings, Go Green will be giving you ideas along the way.

The main purpose of Go Green is to make sure that as many businesses can get involved as possible. It is not a competition nor a contest, but a tool which can help you make the simple and fun process of firmly embedding the green agenda into the fibre of your organisation and making a real, lasting difference.