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Become a Member of The Initiative

This website offers an interactive space for all members interested in highlighting, discussing and debating key regional topics. It is a perfect platform to engage with the local issues that we face.

Initiative Meeting

If however, you have been inspired and galvanised by the work that we do, and are looking to engage with strategic issues in our region at a higher level; there is the opportunity to participate directly and to become more involved, to become a part of The West of England Initiative.

Being a part of The Initiative

Being a fully-fledged member of The West of England Initiative is being part of a community of over 250 influential business leaders that works in conjunction with the local authorities toward the goal of making the West of England region an economic and cultural powerhouse of the UK. These business people work to make a difference right across the city-region and not only share our long-term vision for the future of the city region, but are able to make decisions, influence others, and play an active role on key issues.

The Initiative members have the opportunity to:

• Contribute to the community as corporate citizens.
• Collaborate and build relationships with senior players across all sectors.
• Receive briefings and early notice on key matters of local strategic importance.
• Participate in our working groups.
• Hear from and engage with key local, regional and national figures including senior governmental ministers.
• Submit thought leadership pieces detailing what work their business is doing in relation to key policy areas.
• Access Bristol Business, Law School and Engine Shed facilities.
• Become a Fellow of the University of the West of England, Business School.

Quarterly Meetings

Currently The Initiative meets formally four times a year in our quarterly evening meetings. The meetings are a great opportunity to collaborate with other influential organisations, listen to inspiring presentations from International dignitaries and to discuss the latest policies and projects taking place affecting our city region.

Bi-Monthly Lunch Meetings

The Initiative also meets bi-monthly, lunch meetings which are hosted by one of the members and focus on key local issues in the region.
These meetings are a great opportunity for businesses to get involved and express their views and ideas on key local and regional issues, views which can subsequently be represented by us at key strategic and local partnerships and Chamber Committees.

Working Groups

The Initiative also runs, or plays a part in a wide number of working groups. Current working groups which members can get involved with alongside our team are; Planning and Transport, Cumberland Basin, Bristol City Office- tackling homelessness and providing work experience and South-West Anti Slavery Partnership. These working groups are great for business leaders who really want to make a difference to the local region and who are interested in and capable of influencing policy in these areas.

Join The Initiative

If you would like to join The West of England Initiative or would like to hear more about us and what we do, please contact our Executive Assistant Julie Lever.
Tel: 01275 370707