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Guest Blog Submission Criteria

We are always keen to accept good quality guest posts to our West of England Initiative blog.
Please note that all submissions will be reviewed but may not be published subject to criteria. This is to ensure the quality of content on our blog is maintained and consistent, and that it’s timely, relevant and valuable to our business audience. Business West retains the right to decline or take a post down; and may need to edit a post where appropriate, eg top & tail, but will discuss with you.
Submission Criteria:-
Guest Author:
Ideally you’re an established, credible writer / blogger; an ‘expert’ in your field of expertise. If unknown to us we’ll request details about you, your business and role, area of expertise and evidence of previous writing/blogging. We’d love to see your existing blog or guest posts on other blogs.
However, we will consider novice bloggers providing content is well-written / well-researched, and is original, topical and relevant – offering value to our business audience. Content should be a topic within your field of business expertise, providing tips and advice. (Sales pieces are not accepted.)
We’ll also need from you: – a good quality jpeg image of yourself (headshot) – a minimum of 220px wide – a short one-line bio, ie name, role and company name – your LinkedIn profile url – this can also be included in the ‘author’ section (optional) – your business website address / link
The purpose of the West of England Initiative’s blog is to share good quality, select content that is advice-led, aiming to educate, inspire and inform – in the spirit of sharing knowledge and good practice. It is not a sales channel and so sales focused / advertorial style content will not be accepted.
Your post will include a photo, your name and company name in the author’s bi-line, and can include a web link / linkback to your business at the end of the post, to help raise your profile.
Where a topic has relevance to a Business West service we may include an unrelated and separate short message to signpost site visitors to this service, underneath the main post.
Word count can be approx 300 – 600 words as a general guide but this is not rigid.
If a title needs to be improved, ie fully optimised for seo purposes, we may suggest a change and edit, but will agree this with you.
Content must be original and not plagiarised from another source. If content that you have created exists on another blog / website, we can still use it but can agree to top and tail the piece so that it’s not an exact replica of your original post – keeping search engines happy!
If we do agree to publish your content we will contact you and liaise further.
For tips on writing a business blog check these links!