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Metro bus news and transport updates in Bristol

Metro bus news and transport updates in Bristol

As we all know there has been masses of changes made to the roads around Bristol in the last year. The changes are now starting to see their positive outcomes, the South Link Road has recently been granted many awards as well as cutting congestion and therefore pollution.

The new road link between Baldwin Street and St Augustine’s Parade opened in April. The road has simplified traffic flows for motorists and will reduce congestion and create more space for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

The development of the metro bus has lead to the reopening of a historic Ashton Avenue Swing Bridge. The former double-deck road and rail bridge originally opened in 1906. Before our restoration, the Grade 2 listed bridge was on a Listed Building At Risk Register and in a very bad condition and structurally unstable. Our extensive refurbishment has preserved the bridge and ensured its future as a key sustainable transport corridor for cyclists, pedestrians and bus passengers.

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