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New faces will bring fresh energy

New faces will bring fresh energy

Ian BellIan Bell

Executive Director, Bath Chamber of Commerce and the Initiative in B&NES

It’s only a month since my last column but you could hardly believe the changes we have seen during those few weeks. The new Prime Minister has completely re-designed her Cabinet, Whitehall is working out how to manage Brexit, and it is now the Labour Party that faces the battles that come with a leadership election.

Meanwhile, we are also about to see three new faces taking on some important jobs locally. The Council will have a new Chief Executive and there will also be a new Principal for Bath College and Director of Rugby at Bath Rugby, three organisations which all happen to be Initiative members.

When they take up their new roles they will find they have joined a very supportive group of business people who have the long term interests of Bath and North East Somerset in the forefronts of their minds and are possessed of a wide range of knowledge and experience which will be valuable, especially to the two individuals who are coming into the area from elsewhere.

It can often be a shot in the arm for any organisation to introduce new blood, enabling them to bring in fresh ideas and different perspectives. They can introduce new thinking and challenge existing norms – what you might term the “we’ve always done it this way” syndrome.

At the same time, the newcomer would be wise to listen carefully to those who know what has gone before and who can provide essential background information, especially as the three people who have left these particular top jobs have all laid a great foundation for them to build on.

Changes in any business can be difficult times, bringing challenges as well as opportunities. The trick is to get the balance right so that the new broom has a chance to show what they are made of, but the views of the old guard are also taken into account.

In the end it doesn’t come down to people who can spout management speak, but rather those who make an impression as a personality who will listen to what has gone before but are still not afraid to make decisions which will create a different and more effective shape for a business, whilst the baby can still relax in its bathwater.

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