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Initiative meeting Q3 2014 005
The West of England Initiative website is an interactive space for like minded business leaders to discuss strategic issues. It also acts as a platform for Initiative members to publish thought leadership, case studies and videos, whilst being informed on key developments in the region.
This website is an online platform for all businesses who are interested in highlighting, discussing and debating key regional topics. The Website encourages, and enables, greater involvement from the business community on key issues in the West of England.
The website offers members of The West of England Initiative the ability to write thought leadership articles, show what projects they are involved with in the community, and create case studies, all to be uploaded to the website. This is strongly encouraged and will provoke further discussion and debate. Content Submission.
Members of The West of England Initiative also have the ability to contribute to the debate on current strategic matters in the forum area. Forums.
If you have been inspired by the work that we do, and are looking to engage with strategic issues in our region at a higher level; to upload content to the site, to discuss current key issues with the major players in our region, then there is the opportunity to participate directly and to become more involved, to become a member of The West of England Initiative. Greater Involvement.
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