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The latest Street2Boardroom Bristol programme

The latest Street2Boardroom Bristol programme

What is it?

STREET 2 BOARDROOM offers opportunities for ex-offenders are few and far between, so de-motivated people with low expectations and little hope of employment or good prospects often turn to a cycle of crime leading to re-offender rates of 40% in young offenders and as high as 70% in some places!
STREET 2 BOARDROOM offers a refreshing perspective on this by helping its students to link the skills learnt ‘on the streets’ to work in the legitimate business World.
It’s a motivational programme for young people and adults who may have found themselves caught up in a range of illegal activities, and gives them the mindset, skills, knowledge and confidence to apply what they have learned from ‘the street’ in ‘the boardroom’. To ‘learn the legal hustle’.
Following successful pilots in 2016 it is now expanding with up to four programmes in the next year, and it’s already attracted the attention of the BBC, most Bristol media and Boundless, who produce The Apprentice. Bristol City Hall hosted the launch in May 2017 with the support of the Bristol mayor. Watch the trailer here

The Latest Bristol Programme

Clearly the students we’ve signed up deserve all the support they can  get so we have a full schedule of activities lined up through to September and really want to ensure that we achieve a great outcome for
everyone on the programme. No doubt you will hear more about this and the participating students over the coming days and weeks.

Remember we’re always happy to hear from anyone interested in supporting or advocating the programme.

Just £2k covers the cost of supporting a student through the programme and there is still an opportunity to be the “Street2Boardroom Summer programme partner organisation”, so get in touch with us at INFO@STREET2BOADROOM.COM if that sounds of interest or if you think you can help in any way.

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