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Wesport join The Initiative and launch Workplace Health offer

Wesport join The Initiative and launch Workplace Health offer

With the success of the Olympics, the Paralympics starting imminently and listening to the inspiring stories of some of the Team GB athletes, what better time to make a conscious effort to become more active.

Workplaces have an increasing responsibility to look after the health and wellbeing of their employees especially as people in employment spend a staggering 60% of their waking hours there. We are the first generation needing to make a conscious decision to build physical activity into our daily lives as fewer of us have manual jobs and technology has begun to dominate our lives both at home and at work, the 2 places where we spend most of our time.

When you consider your daily routine, I’m sure like me, the majority of tasks see you and many of your colleagues sitting for most of your working day at a desk.  I have found that between commuting to work alongside fulfilling my duties as CEO of Wesport, my competitive days of playing Basketball at a high level saw an ‘active me’ suddenly falling into a sedentary lifestyle. I wanted to ensure both my team and myself started to look seriously at our activity levels as the research clearly shows that it can:

  • Reduce levels of absenteeism
  • Increase levels of productivity and motivation
  • Improve sleep quality leading to a more energetic team and reduced stress levels
  • And it can be fun!!

So here at Wesport we like to ‘practice what we preach’ and encourage all our staff to lead an active lifestyle during and around their working day. Key benefits we offer all employees to support this are:

  • Creating and maintaining an active culture where lunch time walks, table tennis and walking meetings are encouraged
  • Giving 2 x 30 minutes per week for employees to undertake physical activity
  • Supporting active travel by offering employees the opportunity to buy a bicycle through ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme

We now want to help as many workplaces as possible across the West of England to encourage their staff to access physical activity around the working day.

We are excited to be joining the Business West Initiative event next month on September 15th where we will be on site to speak to you about our Workplace Health offer and give advice on easy activities that can be adapted for your own workplace.

We are also aware that there are many competitive opportunities for workplace teams to enter. So as well as running our own Workplace competitive events such as Mixed Netball and a multisport Workplace Games, we want to promote all opportunities from a range of organisations to you, ensuring a one-stop source to access competitions happening throughout the year!

Please visit:

The next event on the calendar is FootGolf. This is the next installment after the success of our Mixed Netball Tournament that we now run annually with 16 teams competing for the title of ‘Best in the West’. Take a look at a short film we made about the event here.

For further information and for support activating your workplace, please visit

Who are Wesport?




The West of England Sport Trust (Wesport) is a charity that champions sport in the local community by creating inspirational and innovative opportunities for more people to experience the benefits of physical activity.

Wesport is part of the County Sport Partnership for the West of England (covering the four unitary authorities of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) and locally acts as the strategic lead for sport and physical activity across the West of England.

You can find Wesport on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook or by visiting their website.


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