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Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Articles, Culture, Development, Digital, Economy, Employment, Videos | 0 comments

Why has Bristol become a Digital, Creative & Media SME Hub?

As part of the Centre for Cities Small Business Outlook 2015 which looks at how and why the preformance of SMEs differs around the country, Senior Analyst Naomi Clayton visits Bristol to find out why the city has become a hub for creative, digital and media SMEs.

In her video, Naomi talks with Vice President of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative and CEO of Nameless Digital Agency – Jaya Chakrabarti MBE and James Durie - Executive Director of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative.

Jaya describes how the presence of the BBC in Bristol created a network of media sub industries within the region. Along with affordable housing, the local knowledge network from the universities, and the Bristol ‘vibe'; a perfect platform was created for digital, creative and media SMEs to thrive.

The Bristol ‘vibe’, as James Durie says, stems from the fact that the region has always tended to push the boundaries and doesn’t like to take itself too seriously; creatives like this.

It is these factors that has enabled the West of England city-region to build a Creative and Digital industry which produces £664m GVA. An industry which produces content which is viewed by 500+ million users each month.


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